Cycle for Life 2017

Rachel Sipple - Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cycle for Life is a bicycle ride that aims to raise awareness for organ donation and 2017 was to be our second year participating.  Nothing unusual for us to do a 50km bike ride with our customers.  However, that was until our kids (aged from 9-14 years) decided they too wanted in on the action.  No more being shipped off to grandparents-they wanted to ride with the big boys!  

Sunday; bright blue skies, white fluffy clouds three excited and determined kids and two parents wondering if they were doing the right thing standing at a start line among a large group of riders.  50 kilometres is 50 kilometres, no matter how fast or slow you say it.  Off we set, wheels rolling, instructions being stated and repeated, traffic speeding past as we settled into a hypnotic rhythm in the tweed hinterland-up hill, down hill, whizzing along the flat.  Children smiling and the group thins out.

Where is that hill? I know there is a hill somewhere.  Finally, the hill I have heard about for the past 12 months.  One child in front another behind and one with Dad.  Up we go, switchback after switchback and still the climb continues.  Finally, we turn right and are off again. Whizzing through the countryside, chains whirring, wheels turning as we enjoy the spectacular views.  Just as quickly as we had climbed we are now back at sea level and on the way back to Salt at Kingscliff.

After checking in and reassuring the organisers that we were all back-they couldn't believe that the kids had done it.  It was time for a well deserved ice cream and photos. 

But the best bit was asking our youngest what he thought of the ride, "My back is broken and my bum is numb."  Would he do it again, "Yes."  That hill has now become the yardstick for which he measures all hills- "If I could ride up that hill Mum, I can ride up this one."


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