First Ride Back

Two long arduous weeks after the appendix decided to break our long term relationship; it was time, to get back on the bike. An easy 20 kilometres, wide flat country road, koalas, minimal traffic and great company, always a Saturday treat; then why were excuses whirring around my head? "W ..

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All lined up

Ohh! Ahhh! Look at that one. Isn't he cute. Where are you looking at? Questions, giggles, exclamations and the whir of the chain as the rubber rolled along the road and koalas were spotted, photographed and cooed over. Just another Saturday morning ride? Not this one! This one was diffe ..

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Fun morning on the bikes with the ladies and came across these two.  ..

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These kids are awesome

So they gathered at Just Ride Cycles a mixture of ladies and children (although the boys were slightly outnumbered) and the decision was made to ride the Koala Run with the mums and associated children turning around at the half way mark. Off they set; an eclectic mix of bikes, ladies and c ..

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Family Christmas Bike Ride

For something different this year and to celebrate a year of riding and talking the Just Ride Cycles' Ladies Social Ride ventured out to Nightcap National Park to have a go at mountain biking. Up hills covered in gravel and dirt (no tar here), over logs and branches, around fallen trees, duc ..

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Pea soup

An easy early morning pedal in thick fog with 5 other ladies. ..

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A riding we will go

On a muggy November morning in the latter part of November the ladies tackled their longest social ride to date-a 36km round trip to the quaint Post Office at Rock Valley and back to Lismore. Off they pedalled over the humpty bridge and along the straight to Tuncester before tackling the onl ..

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Drowned Rats

Wednesday, began as normal. Meet at the shop, bikes and helmets ready and then we were off, headed out to Numulgi. Pedals are turning, wheels are spinning and all that can be heard is the non stop chatter of ladies that enjoy each others company. Fingers were pointed at the ominous grey clou ..

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Weekly Lismore Ladies Ride

Rachel from Just Ride Cycles has organised a weekly ladies ride for all no matter your level of fitness (Weather permitting). Drop in to the shop at Shop 18 /62 Wyrallah Road (Wyrallah Road Shopping Centre) Lismore to find out more information. Please make sure your bike is in road worthy co ..

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