Point to Pinnacle 2017

Wow, what an experience. One of the hottest days that the Point to Pinnacle was run and every water stop was amazing. This was one of the hardest runs I had ever done. Muscles that have never even whispered; now screamed in pain as I struggled the final steps to the finish line and to my partn ..

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First run back

Tick, tick, tick that little clock in your head that is telling you that you have less time than you need to train for a rapidly upcoming event. So, out the door I struggled with the daughter for a 45 minute battle with my mind and let's not forget the legs. 45 minutes of checking in with ..

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"I'm sorry your appendix died on Tuesday and became gangrene!" "What? Why, am I doing ok?" "You run, cycle and swim. If you didn't your body would not be coping." Goosebumps prickled my skin as the realisation that my husband was the cause of me; doing ok. If he hadn't of m ..

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